AdvancedMD Website Review & Ratings + AdvancedMD Coupons
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AdvancedMD Website Review & Ratings + AdvancedMD Coupons

AdvancedMD: Products & Services

Linkedin, the social networking medium reports about AdvancedMD thus: “ ADP AdvancedMD, headquartered in Utah, provides a market leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) electronic health records (EHR) and practice management (PM) software to providers and billing service providers nationwide. As a complete solution, the product combines the clinical with the financial to improve workflow and revenue capture.

AdvancedMD: Company Background

The AdvancedMD solution includes a certified EHR, patient portal, scheduling, electronic eligibility verification, electronic prescribing, and mobile access capabilities for the practice, as well as sophisticated, efficient claims processing, denial tracking and revenue management for the billing professional. Clients process more than 1.5M claims per month through our clearing house. We are able to identify payer rule changes quickly and continuously adjust the software to reflect those changes, yielding first-pass claim acceptance rates of 95 percent or better, compared to the national average of 70 percent.

AdvancedMD: Customer Feedback & Reviews

A reviewing website called dreamforce reviewed the products and services of AdvancedMD thus:

“AdvancedMD medical billing software is easy and quick to use for billing and scheduling, and can be built on with AdvancedMD's own AdvancedEMR or one of your choosing from third-party EMRs.

AdvancedMD represents today's technology in medical practice management software, and as a web-based product it allows you to access your practice information from any PC that has internet access. The benefits include: increased HIPAA compliance with remote data storage in an earth quake proof building behind eight levels of security, automatic data backups every half hour and upgrades while you sleep. AdvancedMD users basically only need a computer running Windows 2000 or later and a high-speed internet connection.”

Overall, AdvancedMD has earned good reviews from professional reviewing websites. However some customers are not satisfied as reported in PROGRESSIVE PHYSICIAN website.

AdvancedMD: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

AdvancedMD has become well reputed both on and off internet for its quality customer service over the years. Even if they are not BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited, the company is still renowned worldwide. Its products and services are widely publicized. Their website contains a separate page called Press Releases, in which all their periodic press releases are displayed.

AdvancedMD: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Since they are depending heavily on their website for generating business, they have to attract lot of traffic to their website to boost their sales. Upon checking its traffic statistics in Alexa results show that in the past month, it is ranked as #272810 globally and #122,684 in US. Google PageRank gave website of AdvancedMD 4 out of 10 (with 10 being the highest).

AdvancedMD: Social Media Presence

Their official website is very informative and updated. All their products and services have been clearly listed and displayed with proper illustrations. Their website is well designed and easy to navigate.

Aside from having an official website, AdvancedMD is also present in social media. In the homepage of their official website, there is tab at the bottom where you can find links to their FaceBook and Twitter   accounts.

Their FaceBook account is periodically updated with Company news and activities. As of January 6, 2013, their FaceBook page has a total of 426 likes.

Their Twitter account also is updated with company news periodically. As of January 6, 2013 AdvanceMD’s Twitter account has 500 followers.

AdvancedMD: Website Security & Safety

Upon running a Google diagnostic test on their official website, the results show that the website is not listed as suspicious nor has it exhibited malicious activity within the past 90 days. It is said to be safe for browsing. Their website does not mention details about safety and security of their website for payment transactions.

AdvancedMD: Pricing & Packages

Though elaborate details are mentioned regarding technical details of their products, details of price are not available in the website of AdvancedMD. Even though other websites writing about reviews and comparison were searched, details of prices could not be found. This may be because, lot of combinations may be there for various service packages and prices may have to be worked out depending on individual packages.

AdvancedMD: Shipping Rates & Policies

Their website does not mention anything regarding shipping rates and shipping policies. This may be because AdvancedMD’s products are softwares, which are generally downloaded through computers. This will not involve physical shipping of products. Generally all transactions are done online between computers without the need for transportation of products. Therefore shipping rates and shipping policies are generally not applicable.

AdvancedMD: Payment Methods Accepted

Their website does not mention their acceptable methods of payment. Since most of their transactions are online, most of the widely popular credit cards might be acceptable. They may be assuming that online transaction through credit cards are very widely followed by almost all users and there may not be any need for specially mentioning a widely used and well accepted practice.

AdvancedMD: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Their website does not mention anything regarding their return/refund/exchange policy. This may be because they are dealing with software, which cannot be compared to physical products. Considerable interaction between the service provider and user are required before selecting and finalizing their product and service. If the user faces any problem after the purchase, their customer support service is available to help to set right the working of the equipment, if such a need arises.

AdvancedMD: Product images & screenshots
AdvancedMD Coupons
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